The Best Air Jordan Models Of All Time

Michael Jordan was the face and the symbol of the NBA. He was considered one of the best basketball players who walked the face of the earth, and giving him a shoe line was just a simple form of acknowledging that fact. A few decades later, the Air Jordan remains a locker room staple. Here are the best (and perhaps, most coveted) Air Jordan models of all time.

Air Jordan I: Before the Air Jordan came into the picture, the NBA had a rule that players should only wear white basketball shoes. These colorful sneakers gave basketball a new twist and changed the game forever. Mike was fined $5,000 every time he wore these iconic kicks to the game.

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Air Jordan II: Mike wore these sneaks after winning his first Slam Dunk competition. It was also the first Nike sneaker that did not have its logo. Cool, right?

Air Jordan XIII: This pair has great cushioning, which works well for those tired feet. It had a cool hologram and was used by Mike during his final season in the NBA.

Air Jordan III: This pair is known to be MJ’s favorite pair out of the whole line. Air Jordan III was the first pair designed by Tinker Hatfield and was the first Jordans to feature the Jumpman logo.


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Image source:

Air Jordan XI: These stylish, shiny, and classy sneakers are the first to showcase patent leather. MJ wore it after returning from his first retirement from the NBA.

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