The man who shaped New Hollywood: Some interesting facts about Francis Ford Copolla

It is hard to examine the persona of Francis Ford Copolla and not tremble at the echo that accompanies the name, spanning a reputation for excellence in the art of filmmaking. Known for his sensitivities towards the cutting subtleties in real life, and how he is able to strike a chord in the hearts of many through a brilliant transference into film, FFC is truly a man who has been exposed to such realities. Here are some interesting facts about him.


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1. Francis Ford Coppola is a native of Detroit, Michigan, but he grew up in the suburbs of New York.

2. He contracted polio at a young age. The lack of mobility during his quarantine gave him time to let his ideas brew, as he practiced puppetry and spent time watching movies.

3. After getting a drama degree from Hofstra University, the young and mentally energetic Copolla went on to receive an MFA in Film Production in UCLA in 1967.

4. Francis Ford Coppolla is one of the pillars of the vaunted New Hollywood wave of filmmaking, which includes names like Scorsese, Kubrick, Nichols, Spielberg, Polanski and Lucas. These filmmakers raised the bar high up in Hollywood.

5. He belongs to a family of filmmakers and actors who have made solid names for themselves. Among them are Nicolas Cage, Jason Schwartzman, and Sofia Copolla.

6. He is the owner of a very famous winery, simply named after himself, Francis Ford Copolla.

7. Hollywood legend has it that the character of Han Solo in George Lucas’ Star Wars is based on the persona of Francis Ford Copolla.


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